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RevitsOne - GPS Tracking Software RevitsOne provides IoT and artificial intelligence-based fleet management solutions.



RevitsOne provides IoT & AI fleet management solutions to help businesses operate efficiently, increase profits, make their drivers safer, and ensure they comply with all applicable laws and regulations.



RevitsOne approached us to revamp their website from core vitals to design and content. They were clear about their queries from the very start. They started by asking us to design a lead generation campaign and. a refresh of the website’s interface and underlying code. Following that, our developers were assigned to create dependable development processes that align with potential user needs to help clients improve their efficiency.

How DCOD Helped RevitsOne?


We started by revamping their website and making it a centralized location for managing drivers, vehicles, and zones in real-time. During the project, we also helped them fortify their in-house development staff so that faster system upgrades could be implemented. Moreover, our team used the asp.net stack. 



A comprehensive strategy for development supported by a devoted team working under the direction of DCOD. Completely modernized with brand-new capabilities, enhanced reliability, and state-of-the-art user interface design.We helped them improve their conversion rates by 33.3%. Adjustable settings based on the needs of the target audience

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