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The client is a real estate data, insights, and solutions company delivering value to the whole real estate industry focused in US and North America.

Real estate product marketing


The main objective of this project was to attract new users to the clients real estate market intelligence product. The client also wants to create a strong brand presence in social media to stand out from the competitors.


They approached DCOD with an opportunity to serve them uniquely to expand their business to a new level with global outreach, website revamping & new social media plan that can be more about their success stories that can lead to higher retention as well as creating a new client base.

To get that global outreach we used their trustworthiness among numerous mortgage lenders, credit bureaus, realtors, appraisers, and investors for our high-quality data, accurate insights, and simplified solutions which were followed up by testimonials, global panel discussions, online product discussions & so on.

The website they had was lacking features that are needed for future customers who are looking for visually appealing yet understandable features. But we were able to provide that successfully thanks to our superior engineering team.



The client’s mission to make the real-estate more predictable did give results as the website traffic increased by 76% in a very short span followed by an increase in new social media followers by 56% which was followed by a client base expansion as the products were visible to a larger audience who needed something simple yet smart innovation to make perfect calculated decisions.

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