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A fully integrated, whole-person digital health solution

Digital health


The client, a digitally integrated, whole-person health solution that provides patients with immediate access to care on their term by combining a digital front door platform, a multi-disciplinary team of providers, and a 24/7 telehealth service to provide a range of patient services including the emergent and urgent care, behavioral health, and more thus combines clinical expertise, advanced technology and care to offer powerful advantages for insurers, employers, patients, and providers. 


DCOD’s work with the client was based on the need to have a long-term approach to digital first presence combined with a new website with excellent UX design & features followed by a social media strategy and execution on organic and paid social channels.

As this was entirely a new domain for our experts, it was quite challenging for our engineering team to create a website suited for patients and providers, but the experts from our team handled it very well.

A growth strategy was created through audience and market research to penetrate the new market by creating mind-share brand awareness with the potential audience. This allowed our team to execute performance campaigns with optimal ROAS.



The smart campaign followed by the use of superior knowledge led to superior results with the provider base showing an increase of 71% & patient base to 84% along with a 57% increase in engagement rate in social media campaigns.

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