Webflow Case study
How Planto uses webflow to overcome development delays



Planto runs all of their marketing pages through webflow so they can design and publish SEO friendly pages in no time


About planto

Planto is a product from New age Agritech company Agdhi. Planto is an app the helps farmers and farm supervisors/managers to aggregate and analyse the productivity and yield of seeds and crops. They approached DCOD to design a marketing website for their app in a short time frame. Our experts Suggested Webflow for their requirements and they agreed to that.



Faster page loading speed
SEO optimization for pages ( CLS, assets)
Bring full control of the website under non-technical marketing team
CMS for fast content management.



Now that new website lives in Webflow, marketing can operate independently and own the website without having to go through engineers. As the Agdhi team wrote on their blog, with the ease and speed that the Editor offers, “webpage update times (for minor grammar and formatting edits) decreased from 3 weeks to 3 minutes.” And more immediately, moving their site over to Webflow decreased their page load times by 96%.


96% increase in Page Speed
Process time reduced to hours from weeks
100% Cost cut on development
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