Shopify Case Study
Building and Scaling a digital Storefront To 250% Roi In 16 Months



Genzfasion is an online fashion brand that sells premium appareland accessories for women across India.They approached us to build an eCommerce website and app on the Shopify platform with the latest UX updates and trending UI elements. Also,they wanted the platform to be scale ready because they were expecting a spike in new customers.



Dcod helped them to do micro and nano influencer campaigns with our team strategy and assistance. As an initial push to reach New customers,we decide to go with Facebook ads to sel their products. After running several small campaigns and analyzing data the result swere highly improved as the ads were shown only to our targeted audience.That drives more than expected results. As the ad was focusing on the interests and pain points in the ir age group i.e.21 years to 45+ years.



• The web app and website were designed and delivered on time
• Performance and load tests were conducted and succeeded



Achieved a CPL of 27INR in just one month Nano influencers -15:4 videos in 2 months (CPCreducedby32%) Micro-influencers-10:2 videos in 2 months (CPC reduced to 25%)


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