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Innovation Incubator is a new-age technology company that acts as a technology partner for fortune companies and a startup incubator for budding startups. They came to us to establish a strong digital presence and to project them as a thought leader in the future tech space. This will enable them to attract new talents and build partnerships with top clients. 

The Strategy


The brand approached us before the product launch to get its marketing done. So our major challenge was to build a brand reputation and awareness before starting customer acquisition campaigns.
We decided to do a brand awareness campaign through social media and customer acquisition through content marketing and SEO.

The content marketing was spearheaded by creating dynamic web pages that include the keywords and search terms most of our customer personas are searching for. We also implemented email marketing to assist the onboarding and retention of both creators and customers.

A referral program for creators where put in place to promote their work with their network so that they can get more works showing their portfolios in 1000X platform. this triggered a viral distribution of content we create.

The Results

The result we got was much better than what we anticipated as the one tap all in one service provided by the client was appealing to the new generation customers who are less bothered about the technical hurdles and they choose our clients application to full fil their insurance needs. The website traffic increased up to 42% within a short span of time with social media engagement and inquiries shooting up to 64% making our client a bigger competitor to many other companies who are providing similar services.

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