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We are dreamers, makers and marketing mavericks. we apply creativity, strategy, design and data to re-invent businesses, drive growth and orchestrate customer-centric transformation.

We build strategies to engage the audience with purpose and content.


Our Nest



Dcod studio is completely remote. We do great work by collaborating across different time zones. All our teams are highly motivated and visioned to make a difference by Implementing strategies, business models and ventures that drive sustainable growth.

Our culture revolves around ‘owning the outcome’, so every team member is responsible for making an impact on the clients and projects they handle.



Our Team



We have dedicated teams for UX design, Web development, VR/AR development, Video creation, Content design,  Marketing strategies and their execution.



  • Anshad Ameenza
  • Cibin K S
    Growth Manager
  • Ashiq Azeez
    Marketing Lead
  • Arun T S
    Lead UI/UX Design
  • Akshay Ramesh
    Content Designer
  • Jithin D S
    Content Designer
  • Joshin Varghese
    Marketing Strategist
  • Arshathul Afiya
    Content Creator
  • Avinash G
    Growth Consultant
  • Gina Gigo
    Growth Consultant
  • Nivya Rose
    Growth Consultant
  • D Bharath Chandran
    Account Manager
  • Ajay S
    Jr web Developer
  • Dilnaraj E
    Shopify Developer
  • Sruthy N S
    Webflow Developer


Our Clients


Digital Experience

Giving good care to customers is the only way to stand out in this era. We help you optimize every touch point your audience comes in contact with your brand.


Fullstack Marketing

The marketing landscape has changed from advertising to advocacy and people tend to trust the communities they like. We help you build communities to meet your customer where they are.

Make brands attractive and connect them to their audiences.

Brand Strategy

We create interfaces, whether your business sells directly to consumers or other businesses, for any smart device type or screen size.



We build next-generation visual experiences in Virtual reality and augmented reality space.

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