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Agdhi is on a mission to combine digital technology and human creativity to create sustainable methods in agriculture.



Agdhi is a future tech platform working to develop sustainable agricultural practices. They come up with two missions: the Seedvision and the Planto. Developing quality seeds is the motto of Seedvision and Planto, which is a next-level suite of tools..



The brand approached us to develop a marketing strategy that suits fusing human creativity with digital technology. Since traditional methods are inherited in the agricultural sector, building a marketing strategy to show what digital technology can do in agriculture was the challenge before us. Also, the client wanted to revamp their website and mobile application to create the best user experience.



Our objective was to drive the maximum farming community to the website, so we built a robust Content Marketing strategy, used SEO tools, and optimized the website. We made content that creates awareness among the seed producers about the changes that digital technology can bring to Quality seed production process. Keyword analysis played a pivotal role in optimizing the website since the website is new to its kind. We also improved the user interface of the mobile app for the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


Agdhi’s vision to make a new wave in the agrarian sector with digital technology accompanied by our website optimization and marketing strategy bore fruit which resulted in achieving 20k organic website hits with a conversion rate of 48% within the initial months.

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