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Equipment rental marketplace
Construction Equipment Manufacturer & Lender The client is an online equipment rental marketplace. We simplify the procurement and logistics challenges of renting construction equipment.

Construction equipment for rent


The client’s product is a platform that brings together vendors, buyers, and construction equipment renters. It provides renting services and helps individuals find contractors, operators and logistics solutions.



web UI - equipment rental website

Contractors typically contact a number of rental providers by phone and email to find the best possible deal. There is no simple search function on websites that feature used machinery for sale. 

Potential customers in a different industry than construction couldn’t find the client’s platform. It was getting tough to attract new customers and scale the business. Contractors and all leads wanted to see the equipment before signing a contract. It was getting hard as personas were too narrow and the competitive landscape was increasing every other day. 

How DCOD helped the client?


The client’s web app design was given a lot of attention to representing the company fully. The website’s overall style is consistent with several design iterations. The primary components of the website are brought into focus without being overshadowed, making for a streamlined and naturally intuitive experience for the user. 

Following designing, we designed marketing strategies and mixed them along after establishing brand identity  The  Notable features include:

– Web page/app Redesign and Product Financing by Request, using a consistent color scheme throughout the site, we’ve added a reporting dashboard so that admins can enable product discounts, a marketing mix that aligned with their brand voice and helped them attract more customers, we assisted them to filter the right distribution channels for their campaigns

Construction equipment rental


“We believe DCOD has a great potential for growth since they can meet a huge need in the construction equipment market.” – Rahul Chand – Founder, Equisnap

The website’s appealing design and arrangement attracted customers effectively. In conjunction, we did a content and marketing part for them, too, which pumped up their conversion rates 3X. The entire project was like a dream as we yielded exceptional results. Following it, the construction equipment rental platform has raised $1.6 million in preliminary funding.

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