Hassle-free Loans
Chickly is a platform designed to provide hassle-free loans to users with digital documentation and fast disbursal time. They do this with state of the art technology and by collaborating with all major banks and NBFCs Among many platforms that provide loans all have some kind of hidden charges that are known only at the time of payments. Chickly advocates for transparency and they value their customer's comfort and privacy as well.


The brand approached when their website development was also started & our challenge for having a solid brand reputation was lowered by their need to have full transparency in terms & conditions. The content marketing strategy was also devised on showing transparency and ease of use. The main challenge in establishing the brand was to gain credibility among users because there are too many fake and fraudulent websites that ruined this market already.
The client also wanted a chatbot-oriented business approach to ease the user experience.


Our main purpose was to generate as many eyeballs to our website and mobile app. So we set up SEO, content marketing, and app store optimization to achieve this goal. We decided to heavily invest on content creation to solve any kind of user queries related to finance and banking. And also designed good user flow architecture for easy accessibility of the content.
We also optimized the app in the play store and AppStore with the search-relevant keywords in the app name and in the descriptions.


The first three months of the brand building were highly satisfied with the website receiving a whopping 70k organic hits whereas the paid campaigns resulted in a conversion of 46%.
The customer base has been extended to nearly 50k with less than 3K customer redressal calls which were lower due to the efficient use & configuration of the chatbots.