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A MedicalAssistant At Home

A Medical Assistant At Home


Medrabbit is a total service provider with patient comfort as its cornerstone. Their approach of “Better Healthcare starts at home ” is fueled by the need to have more personalized, especially for the elderly. Their dream to provide healthcare that is Fast, Convenient, and Cost-effective that too at your doorstep is the need of the century..


Design Approach

They approached us to build a unique marketing strategy & to revamp their website. The website should stand out from other healthcare providers in usability and design. And the marketing strategy should be based on showcasing up-to-date knowledge on home health care, how medrabbits can help users in difficult situations and what they have achieved in healthcare through their constant feedback mechanism.

The Solution


When creating a website, we were puzzled by the need to incorporate varied elements of healthcare. However, the inspiration provided by a med rabbit in their approach of “as per user convenience” made the complex process simpler. The short time frame did become a constraint but the enthusiasm among the development team to provide the result within the specified time made the project a quick success.


In the marketing strategy that followed we did had the support of a very unique customer base that highly recommendation of their services, With their services giving a higher unique impression we followed the strategy of sharing useful tips that could be used irrespective of their age for complete well-being in the comfort of their homes. We also emphasized creating a reel strategy that educates the does & doesn’t as well as the threshold

 point of different health-related metrics leading to overwhelming support from different people in their walk for good health.


In their march to having a broader customer base & access to more geographical areas our unique website designs coupled with our marketing strategies did bear fruit, We were able to produce a website visitor count of around 70k within the first three months after launch. The Ad campaigns also gained good traction in reaching the local audience achieving a conversion rate of 43%

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