The best practices for building strong digital presence in 2023

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How can you improve your online business presence and ensure that you are visible to your customers when they use the Internet, and attract them to your business?

#1 Optimize your website to increase your online visibility on GOOGLE and other search engines

When a potential customer is searching for the products or services your business offers, you want to be in the top 10. Use appropriate keywords on your page and follow Google’s recommendations for using sitemaps and other tools to let the internet know about your site’s presence, content, and updates.

#2 Make your company’s message clear and attractive

Although it is clear, it is surprising that many companies neglect to make their business information easy to find. You never know when a visitor will be ready to do business with you. So, don’t make it difficult for them to find this useful information.

#3 Submit useful content on your page

To improve your visibility online, you need to stand out from your competitors.

Take the time to create interesting and relevant content. Fill the pages of your site with informative articles on topics that will interest your readers.

This serves two purposes:

It attracts visitors who are looking for this information even if they are not looking for a product or service to buy right now. Although these visitors do not become your customers, the more visitors you have and the time they spend on your site, the higher your Google ranking will be.
It reflects your expertise in your business area.

#4 Invest in SOCIAL MEDIA and become a social worker

In today’s internet, the visibility of your business online will be determined by the human aspect of your website.

Creating a web presence means joining one or more social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn and having social media links to your site. Many people use Facebook or Twitter to find businesses recommended by their friends and colleagues.

Also, your participation is a good indicator that will improve your Google ranking.

#5 Interact with guests later

When a visitor comes to your site, that’s just one exposure. However, what if they aren’t ready to buy from you? Do you have a way to trick your web visitors into leaving their email address when they visit?

One common strategy that businesses can use is to send them regular newsletters. This keeps potential customers up to date with your business and allows you to tell them more about your offerings.

When requesting information from visitors:

Give a “good value” item in return. For example, you can send them a coupon for your own product or service.
Be clear about how you will use their information. Tell them what your newsletter will contain and how often they will receive it.
Clearly state that you will not use their information. If you can honestly say that you will not give or sell their information to others, reassure them.

The Internet landscape is constantly changing, but that’s no excuse for today’s businesses to ignore their company’s online presence. You need to invest time and resources to get customers to find you online when your customers can search or hire a web marketing team to do it for you.

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