OffenseLogic is a new-age service provider



OffenseLogic is a new-age service provider in cybersecurity & runs to help organizations plan and execute their primary business objectives and goals without compromising security or privacy. They serve firms from banking & fin-tech to oil & energy leaving their footprint in the global cybersecurity ecosystem.



We began with the development of their website which was to be visually appealing same time provide relevant information on their last successful projects & their industry best practices that made them uniquely positioned to get global results. This was to be followed up by a perfectly balanced SEO management so that we don’t lag behind competitors to no extent whatsoever.

Over social media strategy, we provided their unique timeline of successful projects & industry achievements along with awareness & demo presentations on successful measures taken by them in protecting their client assets. This was followed up by a set of testimonials from client CEOs & CTOs who were extremely satisfied with their solutions.

Their expertise as an industry first in compliance monitoring, secure remote access, hybrid workplaces, and remote offices was very much acknowledged by the cybersecurity community along with their complete solutions for infrastructure, cloud & network giving us the much-needed traction in a short time to be absorbed to the big league.



Within the first quarter of our effort, we began to get around 100+ inquiries of which around half were transformed into clients forming the base for their global operations. This gave us the necessary momentum to build on our efforts leaving the result to expand with a 70% increase in website visits, followed by a 6.7K increase in followers on LinkedIn & 39.4K increase in impressions.

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